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Khoiyachora Waterfalls

Waterfalls are beautiful things. They are known as the blessings of nature and quite rare too. There are some wonderful waterfalls in Bangladesh. Madhabkund waterfalls, Jadipai waterfalls, waterfalls of Nafa-khum and Amiakhum, these are some of the most popular and big ones. But in recent years another waterfall has come to the public attention, Khoiyachora waterfalls of Mirassarai.


Khoiyachora falls is really different from the usual waterfalls in Bangladesh. This waterfall is pretty big in size and there are steps of waterfall here. Khoiyachora falls contains everything for a perfect and mind-blowing trekking experience. First of all the journey from the road to the main waterfalls is quite adventurous. Your legs are the only transportation available from a certain point and it takes approximately 2 hours to reach at the falls.

In the rainy seasons you can’t walk without a strong stick because of the muddy road and you may still slip and fall couple of times. You will notice a bunch of mini falls, basins, narrow hill track in your path to the main waterfalls. Then the falls itself is amazing. If you visit in the Rainy seasons you will witness the immensity of waters and the astonishing sound of waterfalls. There is a high place too in the bottom stage from where you can dive into the water. This diving experience will extend your thrill to the top. Then there comes the hard part.

Climbing to the upper stages and there are 7 stages more or less. Most of the tourists don’t go to the top as it is quite risky and challenging to your physical abilities. But I would suggest climbing as high as possible to have a thrilling experience as well as witnessing the real immensityof the falls. You will have ropes tied to the trees or tree roots on your way up.


How to go:

Although it is addressed in Mirassarai, the falls is not in the central Mirassarai. But nothing to worry, you just have to go to Bartakia Bazar situated a little south from Mirassarai and look for local 3 wheelers driven by CNG. They should be standing in a row there and you always have local people to help you with direction. Via these local CNGs you will reach the local bazar and from there you have to walk to the waterfalls. After walking for a bit you will find a water stream that will lead straight to the falls. If you are not familiar with trekking you should use the muddy trail right beside the stream.

You can also hire guide from the local bazar to help you with the direction. It usually takes up to 2 hours to reach the falls by walking which may vary from your walking pace. After reaching the falls you will see steps up there and there are ropes on the left side of the falls. This climbing journey may look really scary but if you have the courage and physical support to climb you should climb. After reaching the top when you will look down you will understand the climbing really worth it.

From Dhaka it’s very easy to reach at the Bartakia Bazar. There are district buses that will drop you exactly at the Bartakia Bazar. You may walk from the highway to the local bazar instead of hiring local 3 wheelers if you are really looking for pure adventure. From Chittagong it’s much easier to reach at the Bartakia Bazar. There are a lot of district buses in the Alanker crossing which will drop you at the bazar. You may also hire private micro, car or jump on a Dhaka going truck to reach at the Bartakia Bazar.



There are a bunch of little hotels where you can have breakfast or an average lunch but nothing too fancy. There are also tea stalls in both the Bartakia Bazar and local bazar where you can have light foods like buns, breads, bananas etc. The path to the falls is a little rusty so it’s better not to take any foods with you. There is a little tea stall at the main falls too where you will find some light foods.


Precautions for Safety


  • If you decide to visit in the rainy seasons you have to have a strong stick with you, otherwise it will impossible to stay on the trail. You’ll find a few stick selling points on the way.
  • Climbing to the upper stages is quite risky. So if you are not confident about yourself for making it up there, my advice would be not to go for it. You will have a decent experience at the bottom level.



Additional information:

  • There is a mosque on the way to the falls. You will find it after walking for a little from the local bazar.
  • There is no alternative to walking from the local bazar. If you are planning to visit the falls, you should get used to long walk or prepare yourself by doing physical exercise.
  • If you face any problems don’t hesitate to ask the locals about it, they are really simple and helpful peoples.
  • The best time to go there is in the rainy seasons. The falls itself becomes huge and the trail to the falls becomes way more challenging than usual.
  • These sites are our national heritage. So please keep the site clean and take care.

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