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Kaptai Lake

kaptai lake

There are a lot of natural and artificial tourist spots in Bangladesh. Different sites have different attraction points. But to have the feeling of visiting an artificial and a natural place at once one must visit the Kaptai Lake of Rangamati. Kaptai is the largest man-made watery lake of Bangladesh.

Kaptai lake is built on a huge 11000 square kilometers area which creates an amazing experience of adventure that lures a huge portion of travelers every year. The lake was a result of the Kaptai dam that was built for the hydro-electric project on the Karnafuli River.

The construction work for the dam started in 1956 which took approximately 6 years to finish. As a result acres of farmlands went under water and created the beautiful Kaptai Lake. Besides producing hydroelectricity the lake has a lot of additional value to the people. It provides fish, fresh water for agriculture and it also became a popular easy alternative route for transportation that is used by local peoples and tourists.

The lake creates an amazing view itself and travellers have another bonus which is boat riding. There are lots of small islands floating throughout the whole lake where tourists can gain access through boats. People usually don’t miss visiting these islands as they don’t miss a boat ride.

There are several options for tourists to explore via Kaptai Lake. Shuvalong is one of the most popular places travellers are excited about. The fall usually doesn’t expand that much except in rainy seasons, but the main attraction is the journey throughout the lake which is a very adventurous trip. There is a Hanging Bridge near the Parjatan Complex area. This bridge is also addable to the Kaptai Lake journey because of its view offering.

Tourists can access the bridge through the lake as well as land. Peda Ting Ting resort, Chakma village are also some great travelling site for tourists. Then the Dam itself is also a popular site to explore as it is the only hydro-electric plant in Bangladesh.


How to go

Mainly there are two routes to Kaptai Lake. The first route is direct to Kaptai Dam which is not that popular because of the boring journey. Travellers first have to come to Chittagong to use both the routes. To use the first route you have to go through GEC crossing, Bahaddarhat and Kaptai RastarMatha. By this route you can go to the Kaptai Dam via short boat ride.

But the second route is more fun. If you are coming from Dhaka, then you should stop at Vatiary and change the direction to BoroDighir Par. By using this route you can have another mind blowing experience of journey which can’t be described by words. From there youcan get on local busses or hire a reserved 3 wheelers driven by CNG. There is another way which is accessible through town. You have to go to Muradpur, then oxygen, from where the buses for Rangamati are available. After reaching Rangamati you can hire CNG driven 3 wheelers to Kaptai Lake. If you want a boat ride, you can ask the drivers to drop you in those zones where you can hire boats easily.


Where to Stay

There are a lot of hotels and resorts with good quality. They are very affordable comparatively. Some of the best hotels and resorts’ contacts are given:

  • Aronnak Holiday Cottage. * Hotel Green Castle, ☎ 0351-71214, 0351-61200, 01819-939930.
  • Parjaton Motel, ☎+880-351-63126, 61046.
  • Banarupa Tourist’s Inn, ☎+8801731660477, +8801552541518,
  • Night Club, Club’erMor, ☎ 01478458956
  • Hotel Sufia International. Contact @ 01819-318665/0351-62145 (Tk 850-2000).



The hotels and resorts usually have their own arrangements for foods. There are a lot of local food stalls where you can have almost any kind of foods.

Additional Information

  • The best time to visit Kaptai Lake is in Summer
  • Tourists usually keep Kaptai in their sub-plans while visiting Rangamati. So you should consider having a quick tour of Rangamati.
  • Boat rides fair, transportation fair is not that fixed there. So always try to bargain to get the best value available.
  • There is almost no risk in the road to take your private vehicle you can drive well.
  • Foreigners need to register before entering into Rangamati.
  • Recently, Kayak Riding is also added which increases it’s attraction.

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