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Halisahar Beach

Natural tourist spots are rare now a days compared to the artificial ones. Sea beaches are considered one of the most authentic natural places for relaxation as well as entertainment. In Chittagong few sea beaches are open to general people and Halisahar Beach is one of them.This beautiful and wide beach is one of the most recently appreciated natural tourist sites of Chittagong.

It’s still not that popular among travelers from other districts or countries, but when you will go there you’ll have no reason not to appreciate the natural calmness of the beach. It is also known as Anandabazar beach, South Kattali beach and among the local folks it is known as Fisherman Beach. Sea beaches are usually a bit crow die, but not this one. This beach is popular among locals as a decent picnic spot, a quiet place to spend family afternoon and a perfect place to have a wonderful sunset experience.

Halisahar Beach Chittagong


How to go:

Halisahar Beach itself is pretty wide. There are a few ways to reach there. Local transportation is the most popular and cheap way to go to the beach. If you come from the north you have to follow the Dhaka-Chittagong highway and go straight to a place called “Alankar Crossing”. This place is quite easy to find as it is the district bus station of Chittagong. Then you have to walk a bit to the south and reach the “Sagarika Crossing” which is also the entrance of famous “Jahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium”. There,on the west side of the road you will find local vehicles like Tempu, Rickshaw etc waiting in line which will take you straight to the beach. From the south side of the beach you will find bunch of local buses or private 3 wheeler that will take you to “Sagarika Crossing” directly.

There is also another easy way which will lead you straight to the beach only if you have a private vehicle. Locals call it the Jetty road which is accessible from both Chittagong Port and Banglabazar. You have to go straight and you will notice the beach itself on the north side from the road. There are joints between the road you are on and muddy road of the beach. You just have to find those joints and follow the wheel trails of other vehicles.


There are some small stalls where you can have light snacks like fuchka, chotpoti, chips etc. As usual there are mobile tea stalls too. There is a small bazar where you may find usual lunch items but nothing too fancy. Halisahar beach is considered as a picnic spot so people who come here usually bring their own food.

 Halisahar Beach Chittagong Bangladesh

Additional information:

  1. Best time to visit is in the afternoon. You can enjoy the sunset with cold gentle breeze hovering on your face.
  2. People are very helpful in this area. So if you get confused with the direction or anything you can just simply ask them.
  3. There is a Tin-shaded mosque in the bazar.
  4. If you are going to spend a whole day, be sure to bring enough food.
  5. There are no lifeguards in the beach, so always be careful not to get too close to the tide.
  6. Road construction is going on and the beach itself is a bit dirty, so chose your clothing appropriately.
  7. Bad things happen everywhere. So don’t stay too late in the night.
  8. Try to keep the beach clean. It’s our duty to save our resources and be proud of them.


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