Banglabazar Lake

This newly popular place is situated in Banglabazar near Fouzdarhat Cadet College. You have to walk for 10 min to reach the lake through the new toll road beside the nursing college.

You can walk, sit beside the lake. In the west side of the lake there is Mangrove forest which is just before Bay of Bengal. There are two restaurants in the one side of the lake and the environment is quite natural.

Everyday many people from near and far come to visit this place and pass enjoyable time with friends and family.

Banglabazar Lake Chittagong







Banglabazar lake


How to come: The public bus (number 4 or number 7)  is available from GEC. It will charge 10 Tk from GEC to Banglabazar. From Kornelhat, You can also get into safeline.

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